Final Steps

Final Steps

Conflict Resolution

At this point you would normally go through your load order in xEdit yourself, searching for errors and conflicts. Fortunately, I have already done that and determined which conflicts need fixing - you can find the instructions below. None of the plugins have errors. Please note that most of the conflicts are fairly insignificant, this section is mostly made as a matter of principle. Don't worry about sacrificing plugin slots (for now it is just one) because patches will be merged together and integrated into a single master patch eventually.

Merge - Fix Mods

To cut back on our plugin count a bit and make room for more mods, we are going to merge all ESP-only fix-type mods together. They are conveniently grouped together in our load order already. Depending on which mods from Step 7 you installed or skipped, you are going to want to merge any of the following plugins together:

  • TPF_(C)_FixPack.esp
  • ImperialSoldiersEscortFix.esp
  • SparklesSE.esp
  • Runandwalkpaces.esp
  • MannequinStayPut.esp

The merged plugin we will eventually have will be used to load Fixes_Merged.bsa (from Fix Merge BSA).

Merging instructions

  1. Launch Merge Plugins Standalone (which we installed during Step 5) through Mod Organizer 2.
  2. Select your Skyrim SE profile and hit OK.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the Plugin Selection window and select Uncheck all.
  4. Right-click again and select Check all. Click OK.
  5. Wait for Merge Plugins Standalone to load up your plugins. Once it says Background loader finished at the bottom, you may continue.
  6. Highlight all plugins you wish to merge. Right-click them and select Errors > Check for errors. No errors should be detected. Hit Close.
  7. Right-click your selected plugins again and select Add to merge > <New Merge>.
  8. Type in Fixes [Merge] under Name and Fixes_Merged.esp under Filename. Then hit OK.
  9. Switch to the Merges tab. Right-click your new merge and select Build merge.
  10. A new window will come up to process the merge. Once it’s completed, it will return the message All done! and you can hit Close.
  11. Close Merge Plugins Standalone and return to Mod Organizer 2. Refresh (or re-start) MO2 and the new merge will appear at the bottom of your load order.
  12. Drag your new merge above all merged mods in your mod order and activate it. Uncheck all mods in your mod order that you merged together.
  13. In your load order (right pane), drag Fixes_Merged.esp directly below the unmerged fix-type mods.

First Launch and MCM Configuration

Again what the next step depends on the mods you installed. Ideally you should keep this window open (on your second monitor, phone, tablet, whatever) and go through the list below, checking your mods as you go. Good luck!


Obviously we need to launch the game through Mod Organizer 2 and SKSE 64. Select SKSE64 in the executables drop-down and hit run.

  • We already verified that SKSE64 is working correctly in Step 3. If the game launches just fine and the main menu comes up, you're golden.
  • If you installed No More Creation Club News, there should be no CC news window in the main menu.


Start a new game (for testing purposes). After selecting NEW in the main menu, a loading screen will come up and afterwards you will find yourself in the AS LAL cell.

  • After creating your character, you can check your inventory (SkyUI).
  • When you're ready, talk to the statue of Mara and select any of the alternate start options. For now, I would recommend 'camping in the woods'.
  • Once you've made your choice, retreat to your bed in the dark corner of the room to sleep. After another loading screen you'll be teleported into the world of Skyrim.


When the world has been loaded up around you, hit escape and select MOD CONFIGURATION. Several MCMs should appear in the list, depending on the mods you installed:

- GIST Soul Trap
- Run For Your Lives

Taking the time to configure everything to your liking now would a waste, because you will have to re-do your configs once you start an actual playthrough. There is however something you should to keep in mind:

  • If you installed SkyUI Away, open the SKY UI MCM and navigate to the 'Advanced' tab. For every SkyUI Away module you installed, uncheck the respective menu under 'SWF Version Checking' to prevent error messages.


At this point you probably verified that your game launches and runs without issues so you can now safely assume that your Core installation is up and running just fine. Close the game or, optionally, go ahead and test your performance / stability. Crashes are extremely unlikely at this point and your performance should be unchanged compared to Vanilla (or even slightly improved).

Congratulations, you are done!
The Phoenix Flavour - Core is now correctly set up and ready to be thoroughly modded.