November 2018 - Updates to v1.3

Reworked as ‘foreshadowed’ in this blog post. Notes on the update can be found in the follow-up blog post here.


  • STEP 6: added HookShareSSE


  • STEP 7: Flora Respawn Fix was missing even though I had supposedly re-added it (whoops)
  • STEP 7: removed Mannequins Stay Put (will be added to Gameplay > Tweaks)
  • STEP 7: moved Sound Hammering Sounds from Gameplay to the Core
  • STEP 7: Fix Pack – now comes with a FOMOD so that you can pick and choose your options (v1.1)


    • changed the layout for STEPS 6+7 slightly
  • STEP 6
    • 6.1.2 (SSE Engine Fixes): slightly edited the instructions
    • 6.1.7 (DLL Plugin Loader): added
    • 6.1.8 (.NET Script Framework): added


  • STEP 4: ESM Cleaning (4.2 – 4.4) is now optional and can be skipped


  • STEP 2.4: moved the Havok Fix instructions to STEP 6.1.1 (the mod was supposed to be installed through MO2 which isn’t even set up in STEP 2)
  • STEP 6: added Reduced Glow FX


  • All steps were overhauled and updated in terms of layout and instructions.
  • A good chunk of the CORE mods are now required.
  • Havok Fix is now standard for everyone and replaces the entire VSYNC / frame cap section.
  • Added mods:
    • Classic Sprinting Redone
    • Skyrim’s Ultimate Eyemeshes Ruhmastered
  • The CORE Conflict Resolution Patch was updated to account for conflicts with the new ESP added by SSE Particle Patch (1.3).

October 2018 - Updates to v1.2

No specific plans currently.


  • STEP 6: added the SkyUI Flashing Savegame Fix – Widescreen Fix
  • STEP 7: replaced Invisibility Eye Mesh Fix with Skyrim’s Ultimate Eyemeshes Ruhmastered
    • thanks to u/exon for pointing out that my instructions were outdated


  • updated the CORE, it now supports Skyrim SE 1.5.53 and SKSE64 2.0.10
  • the following mods were updated for the new version of SKSE64:
    • SKSE64
    • SSE Engine Fixes
    • Private Profile Redirector
    • PapyrusUtils
    • JContainers
    • FISSES
    • Stay At System Page
    • Fuz Ro D-oh
    • Better Jumping
  • STEP 6: added two mods
    • SkyUI SE – Flashing Savegames Fix
    • Classic Sprinting Redone
  • moved JContainers and PapyrusUtils to LATE LOADER in the mod order

September 2018 - Updates to v1.1

I am not planning on changing much this month, only improve some sections in terms of layout and wording.

“Nah,” she said. “No big changes coming anytime soon for the Core,” she said. Well…


  • STEP 6: added Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-Tweaks)
  • STEP 6: added Skyrim Particle Patch
  • STEP 7: removed Skyrim Sizes
  • STEP 8: updated the Core CR Patch accordingly (v1.2)


  • layout changes and slighty updated / improved instructions (all steps completed)
  • STEP 1: added SSE CreationKit Fix
  • STEP 7: removed TESCombatStyle Form CTD Fix (I was made aware of this reddit post here, suggesting the mod is not actually fixing anything)


  • re-added Flora Respawn Fix in case people want to install only the Core or only Core+Visuals


  • removed Flora Respawn Fix (obsolete since CACO was now released)


  • Updated the CORE for SKSE64 v2.0.8 which means that the guide now supports the latest version of Skyrim SE.
  • Replaced Sprint Jump with Better Jumping.
  • Consult this blog post if you want to update your CORE installation!


  • Step 7: added Quests Are In Skyrim


  • Step 6: The Choice Is Yours is now a required mod
  • Step 7: removed Simply Smaller Wolves (this mod is now in the Gameplay section)
  • Step 7: Skyrim Sizes is now a required mod
  • Step 8: changed the load / mod order for The Choice Is Yours and AS LAL
  • Step 8: there is only a single CR Patch plugin now (instead of the custom merge) (v1.1)


  • Step 7:
    • renamed Step 7 to Fixes (instead of Tweaks / Fixes)
    • renamed the merge to ‘Fixes_Merged.esp’ – this will load the new Fixes_Merged.bsa (includes some of the previously seperately added mods)
    • added the Fix Pack which contains most of the Fix mods already merged together
    • updated the MO2 Dividers for the Core to v1.1
    • added several new mods:
      • Dawnguard Don’t Hunt Cured Vampires (Fix Pack)
      • Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full (Fix Pack)
      • Charge Dialogue Fix (Fix Pack)
      • Improved Disabled Race Scaling (Fix Pack)
      • Roadside Thief Simple Armor (Fix Pack)
      • Dawnguard Vampire Attack Fix (Fix Pack)
      • Random Encounter Tweaks (Fix Pack)
      • Imperial Soldiers Escort Fix
      • TES Combat Form CTD Fix
      • No Crime Teleport
    • Updated Step 8 accordingly.

    • Step 1: Added link to the Nexus guide for rolling back to Skyrim SE v1.5.39.0 (the previous version which is required for the guide).
    • Step 1: Added a section on how to disable automatic updates in Steam.
    • Step 6: Removed Keyword Shortcuts Fixes – caused issues with the ENB ingame GUI
    • Step 6: Added JContainers.

Beta updates & changes

This is only relevant for Beta testers of The Phoenix Flavour – Core.

Thanks to Faron, praxis22, Harlockin and kman016 for your tips, suggestions and critiques!


  • Scrapped the CreationKitCustom.ini section and replaced with a simple download link for the file. (Step 1)
  • BethINI is no longer optional. (Step 2)
  • Replaced the SKSE.ini section with a download link as well. (Step 3)
  • Updated Step 8 accordingly.
  • Added new patches and linked to the Nexus page.

  • Removed mods:
    • Blacksmith Forge Water Fix (Step 7)  – obsolete with Realistic Water Two
    • Hearthfire Display Case Fix (Step 7) – obsolete with Weapon Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes
    • Universal Race Scale Remover (Step 7) – not compatible with Weapon Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes
    • Septims Have Weight (Step 7)


  • Fixed and expanded the CreationKitCustom.ini section. (Step 1)
  • Added an SKSE.ini section. (Step 3)
  • Updated installation instructions for Achievements Mods Enabler. (Step 6)

  • Added mods:
    • (Step 6) Private Profile Redirector
    • (Step 7) Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes (finally!!)

(07.07.2018, 08.07.2018)

  • Removed HUD / Interface (formerly Step 8) from the Core. This section will be moved to Gameplay and made available for the launch of the website. It was removed to ensure that the Core remains as close to vanilla as possible and I felt this was outside of its scope.
  • Reworked the Creation Kit INI section (under Step 2) to add a CreationKitCustom.ini plus another edit to fix a crash.
  • Reworked the VSYNC / FPS section (under Step 3) to incorporate the new Havok Fix SKSE64 plugin.
  • Reworked the Master File Cleaning section (Step 4) to account for MO2 updates.
  • Reworked Conflict Resolution (doing it yourself is now optional).

  • Removed mods:
    • (Step 6) SSE Fixes and DLL Loader – because its functionality is already included in SSE Engine Fixes
    • (Step 6) Hold to Sprint – because of reported crash issues
    • (Step 7) Passive Weapon Enchantment Reloading – because this is more than a simple tweak and should be under Gameplay

  • Added mods:
    • (Step 6) Lucidity Sound
    • (Step 6) Unofficial High Definition Audio Project
    • (Step 6) No More Creation Club News
    • (Step 6) Stay At System Page
    • (Step 7) No Animals Report Crimes – NARC Remade
    • (Step 7) Hearthfire Display Case Fix
    • (Step 7) Wood Elf – Male Hair Fix
    • (Step 7) Dragon Stalking Fix

  • Updated Step 8 for all the new mods.


November 2018 - Updates to v1.1

This is almost a 2.0 release. Pretty much the entire VISUALS section was reworked for a new concept – now there are less optional mods and “only” two different choices when it comes to bigger overhauls, but the amount of patches is down to only 4 in total.

(until 29.11.2018)

Where to begin…

  • Scrapped the ‘Modules’ structure. There are now 21 STEPS like in the CORE.
  • Choices between two different setups available for:
    • weather overhaul
    • lighting overhaul
    • tree overhaul
    • grass overhaul
    • water overhaul
    • LOD generation (SSELODGen / DynDOLOD)
  • A substantial amount of mods was removed and added.
  • Added 4 checkpoints (they will be expanded in the future).
  • There is now a single main patch plus a patch each for the lighting overhauls (ELFX / Luminosity) and one for RW2. (1.6)

September + October 2018 - Beta & Updates to v1.0

There is definitely room for improvement in several modules. I will not add any more mods just yet and instead make sure the existing guide is in good shape.

Past-me is a little clueless. Big update in the works right now.

UPDATE: Now out of Beta! Blog post here.

(26.09.2018 – 18.10.2018)

I am starting to work on the next update for VISUALS today! A bunch of mods will be added, some removed and lots more changes are planned in preparation for a 1.0 release. See my notes on upcoming changes here.

  • MODULE I – done
    • reworked ENB / ReShade / SweetFX installation instructions (now fully manual – no more ENB Man) (I still ENB Man though) (sniff)
    • other minor improvements (layout, instructions)
    • added Obsidian Weathers and Seasons MCM Patch
    • added Aequinoctium Weathers
    • added Luminosity – Lightweight Lighting
    • added Aequinoctium ENB for Aequinoctium Weathers
    • added Intrigued ENB for Obsidian Weathers
  • MODULE II – done
    • removed Fluffy Snow
    • added Real Snow HD 2k
    • added Just Ice
    • added Murals That Don’t Suck
    • replaced Ebony Retextures 2017 with the SSE port
    • added Rudy HQ – Miscellaneous
    • added Practical Female Armor
    • added Frankly HD Shrouded Armor
    • added Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors
    • added Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and Weapons
    • added Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor and Weapons
    • added RUSTIC DAEDRA
    • replaced Gruesome Death Hounds with RUSTIC DEATH HOUND AND GARGOYLE
    • moved Book Covers Skyrim from VISUALS to GAMEPLAY (Miscellaneous) <— this was done in order to make the VISUALS section 100% optional
    • lowered recommended resolution for some mods
    • updated / changed some FOMOD instructions
  • MODULE IV – done
    • added a water section
    • added Tree Bark in HD
    • removed HQ Bark Overhaul
    • added Smooth Water Textures
    • added Pure Waters
    • added White Water HD
    • added Lightweight Water Overhaul
    • added Improved Vanilla Water
    • added Improved Water Performance by Pfuscher
    • added Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains
  • MODULE VI – done
    • removed the entire section
    • HD-LODs and Terrain LOD Redone can now be found in Module IV
    • all DynDOLOD and SSELODGen instructions were moved to their own section – LOD Generation
  • FINAL STEPS – done
    • updated the Patch Pack to v1.5
  • MOD & LOAD ORDER – done


I’m happy to announce that I was able to cut back on the patches a good deal! There were some slight changes to the load order and the Visual Pack Pack was updated to v1.2!

  • Module I: added additional instructions to fix a game-breaking bug in Enhanced Lights and FX
  • Module I: improved the ENB preset section
  • Module II: Book Covers Skyrim is now required.
  • Module V: changes and updates (07.09.2018)
    • removed JK’s Skyrim
    • removed Expanded Towns and Cities
    • removed EEK’s Interior Overhaul Mods
    • removed all relevant patches
    • updated the Visuals Patch Pack to v1.1 (removed 3 patches that are no longer needed)
    • updated Final Step for the changes
    • read this blog post on my reasoning for this change
  • Final Steps: updated the recommend mod / load order

Alpha updates & changes

This is only relevant for Alpha testers of The Phoenix Flavour – Visuals.

Thanks to Faron for your tips, suggestions and critiques!

(01. – 03.09.2018)

  • Changed, added and removed lots of stuff… it’s officially released and in Beta now!

(05.08.2018, 07.08.2018)

  • Added INI tweak section. (Preparations)
  • Updated Dust Effects BSA extraction instructions. (Module II)
  • Revamped town & city overhaul section. (Module V)

  • Added mods:
    • Astral Aspect – Standing Stones

  • Removed mods:
    • Nordic Snow
    • CC’s Dawnguard Fortress Reborn
    • Skyland – Standing Stones
    • DRAUGR
    • Dawn of Skyrim
    • EEK’s Whiterun
    • Kato’s Falkreath

(21.07.2018, 23.07.2018)

  • Added instructions for the WICO cleanup script.
  • Added performance options to several mods.
  • Started working on the Troubleshooting page.
  • Finally completed the SSELODGen + DynDOLOD section.

  • Added porting instructions for:
    • Enhanced Vanilla Trees
    • EVT Light Snow Tree Replacer
    • SLO Stone Walls
    • JKs Cities LITE

  • Removed mods:
    • (Module III) Khajiit Eyes Extended


September + October 2018 - Open Alpha

Made public on 20.09.2018 – now to be tested extensively.


  • now supports SSE / SKSE64 2.0.10
  • replaced the OMEGA CACO KYE patch with a patch offered in the KYE FOMOD
  • updated the patch pack with new patches for Luminosity (v1.3)
  • INTERFACE: added Enhanced No Poison Dialogue


HUGE props to MandyM, Faron, kiOmen and Slidikins for all the errors and oversights they spotted! Fixed tons of little things over the last few days.


  • OVERHAULS: added Simple Follower Manager


Probably coming at some point.